Take a 360 degree look at
some of mouldCAM’s art and
architectural projects....using
CNC manufacturing technology
across a range of materials
to make even the most complex
of designs possible.

James Angus Mountains Valleys Caves

MOUNTAINS, VALLEYS, CAVES The smooth painted outer surface of this sculpture was custom mixed to reflect the artist’s vision of abstract valleys and troughs, contrasting with an undulating sub-core engineered using 5-axis CNC technology.

“A great advantage for me is that they offer a well-integrated production. It’s a one stop shop from design, engineering, machining and cutting to painting.”
- James Angus, Artist

DAY IN, DAY OUT, BLIGH ST cast aluminium public artwork James Angus ellipsoidal freeway fiber reinforced polymer Turpin + Crawford Halo, carbon fiber sculpture HAMER HALL, ARM Architecture composites Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, composites architecture Fiberglass composite Polar Bears sculpture RMIT composite building facade, ARM architecture Short Shelter, composite blade