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“If you ask who builds beautiful shapes, the answer is likely to be those who build boats. And so it was that mouldCAM, a company well-known to maritime people, produced the ceiling by casting it in the same way as one may create the hull of a beautiful boat”.
- Michael Black, Chief Justice of the NSW Supreme Court at the opening of the new Ceremonial Court.

“We needed to find a supplier that we could trust. Someone experienced in the capabilities of CNC technology, who could collaborate with us on getting the most out of our designs, and who instinctively knew what was going to be right for us. mouldCAM has never let us down. Professionally, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with them”.
- Lorenz Eberl, CEO, Chiron CV

“The fact that mouldCAM provides highly accurate tooling over large and complex curved surfaces is why RPC Technologies relies upon mouldCAM to provide the critical element of our build process through CNC machining”.
- Leigh Spencer, Technical Manager, RPC Technologies